People are afraid of the unknown.
The inherent human reaction to the unknown is to say no.
We embrace the unknown and we embrace clients that embrace the unknown.
The unknown is innovation and innovation drives conversation.

who we are doesn't matter
but you might know some of our clients


Unknown is a strategic and creative alliance of award-winning marketers, creative entrepreneurs and technology executives. By integrating leading-edge design with emerging technology, marketing innovation and product development, we enable the innovation that pushes brands and projects forward. At our core, we’re idea-centric brand consultants. We believe everything a company does is branding, therefore we apply our expertise to every possible brand touch point:


  • Quantitative Market Research
  • Qualitative Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Brand Strategy
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Investor Relations
  • Product Innovations, Design & Development


  • Corporate Identity & Marketing Collateral
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Branded Content
  • Audio Branding
  • Photography & Videography
  • Live Action & Animations
  • Trade Show Exhibits


  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Search Engine Optimization


  • Content Distribution
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Event and Trade Shows
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Public Relations


Unknown is an amalgamation of creative professionals and common sense contrarians from a wide range of marketing, strategic, technology and business backgrounds and cultures. The independent company was founded in 2009 by Tom Van Daele, Creative Director at agencies such as TBWAChiatDay, Duval Guillaume New York and Ogilvy & Mather.

Unknown’s principals have worked on an impressive list of leading global brands throughout a wide range of industries, including Bentley, Fisker, Nissan, Infiniti, VISA, Pepsi, Bang and Olufsen, Spyker, The Grammy Awards, Absolut Vodka, Bazooka Bubblegum, Coca-Cola, Georgia Pacific, US Navy, Topps, Ford, Procter & Gamble, Bacardi, Jansport, Masterfoods, Unilever and more.

We are a challenger agency that loves challenger brands. Today, companies of all sizes have partnered with unknown because of our ability to develop and implement innovative strategies, branding, marketing and technology solutions that generate fans, engage consumers and drive business.


Unknown is headquartered in Los Angeles, operating right on the Venice - Silicon Beach - Boardwalk. Unknown also has an office in Chelsea – New York, and in Antwerp – Belgium, the heart of Europe. We operate around the world and offer a global mindset paired with local, cultural integration.

Because of our European heritage and our strategic location on the West Coast of the USA, unknown finds itself at the epicenter of cross culture and operates as a bridge for European and Asian brands to enter, understand and grow in the US market – and for American brands to expand both nationally and internationally.




An Exploration from Childhood into Feminine Urban Modernism, by Caroline Geys


“Following decades of being an abstract architectural contemporary artist that incorporated the elements of design, childhood memories and animal imagery, I recently began a body of figurative works. This series is a reflective voyage of anonymous women from preceding eras. The antiquated has somehow always served as inspiration for my curiosity in discovering vintage objects.


I illustrate these women’s stories as I imagined, sans faces and hands, allowing them to keep their anonymity, choosing to replace these features with fabrics and patterns keeping with the abstract theme, presently creating a balance in the midst of new abstract works based on my early drawings, while simultaneously producing the ‘Anonymous Vrouw’ series.


Daily Hours: Through January 15 from 10AM to 5PM, except Mondays and Weekends


unknowngallery – 801 Ocean Front Walk, 8 – Venice, CA 90291