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Take a card and get other players to guess what's on it by imitating the sound it makes! AH-CHOOO! CUCK-OO! VROOOM! Those are just the easy ones...but guessing the sound is only half the fun. Once the sound is identified, the source of that sound must be quickly found amid one of the eight illustrated scenes that are filled with action and surprises!
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SOUND IT! FOUND IT!™ is a fun & completely new patent-pending "2-in-1" board game in which two compelling play patterns are brought together for one amazing game! Building off the popularity of the guessing game format, Sound It! Found It! challenges players to guess the picture on the game card by listening to the (sometimes crazy) sounds that other players make. Once players guess what's on the cards, they then must race to find that object on one of eight scene boards.

With 96 cards and eight giant scene boards, each drawn in a hilariously original style, Sound It! Found It! combines visual hilarity with the unique twist of guessing sounds, offering hours of laugh-out-loud fun for the whole family.
The Junior edition of our award-winning game in which players must guess an object's sound and then find it, Sound It! Found It! Junior was created by an ASHA certified speech pathologist specifically to entertain and educate kids 3-7. Features preschool friendly scenes including the Zoo, the House, the Farm, Costume Party, "Things People Do", and "On the Street" themes. No reading required.
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